Georgie O’Connor, founder of go engage refers to herself as a ‘brand detective’. “I have the knack of examining all the elements of a brand, finding any missing links and helping brands to get back on track,” she explains. “I’ve had over 20 years’ experience realigning and transforming brands, delivering strategic marketing communications programs and supporting businesses to grow and effect meaningful change.”

Georgie, brand & marketing communications strategist and copywriter, set up go engage, aiming to work with ‘mindful brands’. As well as being the initials of her name, ‘go’ in go engage refers to ‘the immediate need to act.’

Go engage provides coaching and implementation packages along with varied services designed to help brands to find their authentic voice, tell their story consistently, using the most effective channels to reach their target audience.

“We help entrepreneurs and businesses to make a positive impact in the world,” Georgie says. “We nurture and grow mindful brands and help them to engage with their communities. We provide health checks, identify and rectify any inconsistencies and help them to navigate change.”

For businesses interested in go engage’s services, consultations can be online or in person in Brisbane. Go engage workshops are held in Brisbane.

To Georgie, being part of Sister Tribe means doing things together. “Together we can achieve more. I’ve been blessed with education opportunities, skills and experience that I can share. And there’s always something I can learn.”