Fiona Ware has created her business from her children’s book –– Charming Charlie and the Spectacular Sophia – which came out in July 2017. The book’s title is the name of her business, but she may shorten that to ‘Charlie and Sophia’. Besides the novel itself, Fiona’s business offers an accompanying workbook, workshops she has created around the book along with other workshops for parents and children and the rights of the play she’s written to go with it.

Fiona sells her book on online platforms such as Amazon and Booktopia and via her Facebook page. She also networks with schools, community organisations and programs where she promotes the book as well as having a presence at Expos and stalls and so on. Fiona’s planned a follow-up book for next year and Charming Charlie and the Spectacular Sophia may even be made into an animated film.

Fiona’s goal is to connect children to each other with kindness, friendship and empathy while assisting families to build confidence in children and deal with the impact of bullying behaviour. She’s seeing the results: “Every week I get letters, cards, etc, from mums and kids thanking me for the book,” she says.
Fiona says she loves the support, encouragement, validation and assistance to succeed she gets from Sister Tribe. “It is a lonely journey on your own and I need someone to bounce my ideas off and guide me.”