Eva was born on Christmas Creek Station and grew up with her parents until the age of six. Eva’s father was a stockman and her mother worked in the house. Eva was taken away to GoGo Station where her great-grandmother lived. She moved there with the manager Vic Johns from Christmas Creek, where her father and mother again worked.
Next Eva shifted to Cherrabun Station where she went to school in 1965 at the men’s quarters and then returned to Christmas Creek. Eva completed her next years at school in Derby and worked at Christmas Creek School as a teacher. In 1984 she married and now has nine children and nine grandchildren.
Eva started painting after her kids grew up. She paints her grandmother’s country and what she taught her growing up. Eva paints her own style of seasons, bush tucker paintings and her childhood memories of winter rains and cold weather.
Today Eva lives in the remote and endangered community of Jimbalakudunj in the Kimberley, 120 km southwest of Fitzroy Crossing.