Wanting to share her love of Sudanese sweets led Ekhlass to start her business in 2019. Ekhlass noticed that not many people know about Sudanese sweets, and so she is remedying this situation by offering traditional Sudanese biscuits, cookies, slices and cakes. Ekhlass (whose name means ‘loyalty’) is passionate about cooking different types of food but says she wants to be known for her delicious baking. “I learnt how to make sweets from a very young age. In my country,” she says. “I would taste some sweets and then go home and try and make them for my family; they loved it and now I want people in Canberra to get a chance to try it, too.”

Seeing other women in Sister Tribe achieving their goals encourages Ekhlass in her own business. “I ask myself – ‘Why not me?’ I can do the same, like others did.” Ekhlass came to Australia in 2009 and lives in Canberra with her husband and three children. With her business, she says, she wants to financially help her immediate family here in Australia and eventually reach a stage where she can help out her extended family in Sudan.

When she’s not cooking she’s listening to Sudanese music. She finds life in Australia quieter than back home. “ I miss my family and friends, and all the gatherings for all the celebrations we have, and all the events.”