Canberra-based Edith Muruka came from Kenya to Australia several years ago. She’s now putting her life experiences to good use in her business, MELT, a multicultural support and capacity building initiative aiming to strengthen women as community builders. MELT provides multicultural women aged over 18 with a network for support and mentoring. MELT’s purpose is for women from all walks of life to ‘experience life together’ and access information and resources.

MELT, which stands for Moments of Experiencing Life Together, holds monthly workshops where women are encouraged to support and learn from each other and hear from trusted experienced speakers about what is available to them. “Multicultural women are often assumed to be refugees with a single kind of problem to be solved,” Edith explains. “But they represent diverse experiences. MELT provides a platform to connect women across age brackets and cultural backgrounds, supporting them in the context of cultural diversity so they can help each other to press on through life’s challenges,” she adds. “All women, regardless of their age and cultural background, have similar needs and require help at various stages of their lives.”

Edith intends to speak at various events as a motivational speaker and to write articles encouraging human connection, building capacity for resilient and fruitful lives.

She says the social justice and equity principles behind Sister Tribe are important to her. ”I am passionate about women and development, so Sister Tribe checks all the boxes for me.”