For a long time, Dana Westwood felt she was always working very hard for others, but she found many negative experiences and little success and happiness for herself. After losing her mother, she realised that life really is short and that it was time to take a chance, take control of her life, and start reaching for her dreams.

From a young age, Dana was interested in makeup artistry but hadn’t quite found the right direction and ‘fit’ she needed to make this her business. The epiphany came to her on a camping holiday. When looking up at the stars, she remembered her mum telling her she would be a star in the sky, always looking out for her.

Dana wanted to help look out for other women as well, and she realised the solution was to make her business a social enterprise that benefitted women in need.

Through Global Sisters, Dana has found generous, caring and supportive professional women who are helping her along every step of the way.

Now, through her business gxGirl, Dana is both working as a makeup artist and also developing her own line of cosmetic products to benefit women through charities based in India.