Colleen McCormack was just 16 years old when she was struck with a number of health challenges that derailed her promising academic results and forced her to reconsider her future plans.

Having enjoyed knitting since she was a young child, she had always seen it as a valuable life skill and a way to bring her family and community together. During those times of doubt & confusion, her passion for knitting helped give her something to look forward to, and helped keep her mind and hands occupied.

Since leaving school, Colleen has worked through a series of different jobs – from retail and customer service roles to being a barista and even performing in a band! But she always came back to knitting, drawn back by the opportunities for creativity, exploring sustainable fibres, sharing her skills and producing clothing for people in need.

Now with a university-aged son and sharing valuable time with her older mother, Colleen finally has the chance to turn her passion into a successful business.

After attending her first Global Sisters Sister School, Colleen launched her hand-made knitwear and knitting patterns business Magknitude in June 2018 followed by her Facebook page to increase exposure. She can’t wait to further explore knitting with new and different eco-materials – such as sugar cane, milk and banana silk – and to introduce a whole new generation to the joys of creating, wearing and gifting hand-knitted clothing and accessories.