Cielito Creations was started in 2015 by Cielo Quintero Restrepo. Cielo was born and raised in Colombia, but followed love and her Australian husband to Melbourne, Australia, where they have made a new life together.

At first, the language barrier made finding work difficult for the spanish speaking Cielo. Learning a second language takes time, but after a visit to the local markets sparked childhood memories of her mother at her sewing machine, Cielo realised that maybe she did not have to rely on someone else to give her work – she could make it for herself – and Cielito Creations was born. A wonderfully creative solution to overcome a frustrating obstacle!

Cielo is very passionate about sustainability and has a background in agriculture in her home country. She enjoys working with leaves and natural dyes to make her beautiful and unique scarves in naturally luxurious fabrics like silk, cotton and wool. Following this method of production is not only environmentally friendly, it also infuses the scarves with the exquisite perfumes of the eucalyptus, lavender and sandalwood that give them with their gorgeous colours.

As well as her own beautiful creations, Cielo also resells traditional handmade products of  indigenous Colombian culture that she purchases from vulnerable people back in her home country. This helps her feel connected to her family and community back home, provides financial support to communities in need, and helps support the continuation of traditional crafting skills.

The name for Cielo’s business harks back to her childhood memories as well. “Cielito” is an affectionate columbian nickname meaning “little Cielo”, and is overflowing with impressions of warmth, love and Colombian culture – and these feelings and memories are fused into every fibre of Cielo’s cherished creations.