YOU ME OURS, started in 2019 is the reiteration of an earlier business by Celeste Ianott.

A lifelong passion for creating skincare and natural products from natural sources has led Celeste to set up YOU, ME OURS, which offers a range of organic earth-sourced skincare and wellbeing items made from clays and plants known to indigenous Australians, and which Celeste hopes will soon become popular with everyone else.

YOU ME OURS offers liquid washes made from things like lemon aspen or roasted wattle , along with steam cloths and face masks.

Celeste’s background in beauty therapy and retail stands her in good stead when it comes to expanding her business. Outlets and retailers of YOU, ME OURS products will will include gift stores, beauty, day spas, bed and breakfasts, florist stores, baby shops, yoga studios and suchlike. Celeste wants to make her eco-firnedly produts available in bulk where customers can refill their own containers. She’s also planning ‘experience evenings’ where she visits women in their homes to explain her products and share her knowledge about what can be created from ingredients they already have in their kitchen cupboards.

Celeste, a proud Darug women from the Barramattagal mob from the west Sydney region, says her business allows her to impart her love of creating and to share nature’s recipes for the skin with other women. “I really want to share my blends and mixes as they are wholesome natural and of our land,” says Celeste. Sharing with other women is an integral aspect of YOU ME OURS. Being part of Sister Tribe is aligned with Celeste’s values when it comes to her own business. “I am so inspired and love it,” she says. “Seeing women getting ahead in a positive way. I just want to give back as well.”