Chilean-born Carla Risco Rodriguez set up her Reservoir-based business TREE KID in 2018 while attending Sister School. TREE KID offers colourful clothes for children using unusual long wearing fabrics and environmentally friendly dyes.

When Carla arrived in Australia she was planning to stay for only twelve months, but fate intervened: she met her partner and she’s now the proud mum of her son, Leon, the inspiration behind TREE KID.

Noticing the beauty of different fabrics got Carla thinking about how she could combine her creativity with a business venture. “I got very attracted to fabrics in general,” Carla says. “I started collecting different materials and skills and then I began to learn how to weave, print and sew.”

TREE KID, Carla says, is a creative and unique kids clothing brand, mixing different techniques and materials such as multi-coloured waxed cotton prints from West Africa to produce colourful hard-wearing garments. Learning about the enormous variety of sewing techniques out there has made Carla want to bring her new-found knowledge into one brand, making kids’ clothes dyed without using dangerous chemicals.

Carla says that being part of Sister Tribe helped to create the foundation of her dream, and daily gives her ‘wings’ to chase and achieve her goals. A big challenge for Spanish-speaking Carla is the language barrier and the difficulties of establishing a business by herself in a new country, something many other Sisters can relate to!

Carla plans to retail in markets. In the meantime, find her at