Tamanna is a social enterprise that was established by Asifa Qarar in 2016. The name “Tamanna” means “Wish” in Asifa’s native language (Dari/Hazaragi) and was inspired by her ‘wish’ to support the founding of a maternal clinic in Afghanistan that will help make pregnancy and childbirth safer for women who do not otherwise have access to medical care. Tamanna also provides a sustainable source of income for the disadvantaged Afghan craftswomen who create the beautiful rugs Asifa sells here in Australia.

Asifa left her home in Kabul Afghanistan and moved to Australia in 2011 to continue her higher education, and now lives in Melbourne with her husband and children. She is inspired to make a difference in the lives of women facing hardship, especially those pushed into destitution by the conflict in her home country. Tamanna not only helps her provide financial freedom to her own family, but also helps fulfill her desire to create positive change for women in need.

Global Sisters was introduced to Asifa through her connection with our community partner Stepping Stones to Small Business. Stepping Stones is a Brotherhood of St Laurence initiative that offers support to women from refugee, migrant and asylum seeker backgrounds who want to use their skills to to start a business to support themselves.