Global Sister An Le is in the business of providing ethical gifts:  care packages for women going through hard times – ‘a warm hug in a box,’ she calls it.

When someone you know is struggling and you don’t know what to say or don’t want to be intrusive, a hamper of eco-friendly, beautiful, organic, high quality thoughtful gifts might do the trick.

Supplying care packages is just the start of An’s business journey. She wants to eventually offer life coaching for women to realise their strength and potential and to sustain it. “It’s important to me because women are amazing and are not valued enough,” she says.

An is motivated to help other women while providing a good life for herself and her two daughters. She understands the need to stay positive when things are tough. “Women are continually giving and forgetting to look after ourselves. I would like women to feel valued and acknowledged for the hard days.” An says she wants to ‘give back to Global Sisters and be part of the ripple effect of Sister Tribe.’

Brisbane-based An plans to offer her products in person at markets, and to promote both her products and services via social media as well as through her own networks. She will make her coaching services available online. “Life coaching will allow me to assist women who want help to grow as a person and learn that it’s ok to love yourself without any mummy guilt.”