Alli Kristiansen is a vibrant life-liver, who seeks to inspire others through her artistic creations. She is an artist with disability, but she does not let this challenge stop her from living her best life!
She finds her inspiration from her travels; the joy of discovering wildly exciting kaleidoscopes of colour, texture, and mythology in other cultures.
She also loves flora and fauna and also allows her deep spiritual journey to infuse her art with symbology and messages to bring hope.
Alli paints intuitively and uses mixed media techniques to create and as many second-hand art supplies as possible, to decrease her earthly footprint.
Alli has nineteen artworks available in her online Etsy store as high-quality prints and cards. She also has several shops selling her cards in NSW and Victoria.
Alli’s journey into intuitive painting has been fuelled by her lifelong passionate dance with her own creative endeavours and life challenges.
She has grown wings and flown into her own pathway in the world of painting and creating while listening to the deep wisdom of her own soul-fire.