Canberra based Alli Kristiansen began her art business, Diilhami (pronounced Dill-ha-me), in 2014, after being inspired by two things: the positive encouragement of a dear friend to go into business for herself and her desire to ‘paint the world wild’ with her artistic vibrancy.

Diilhami offers original artworks, high-quality cards and beautiful prints (professionally photographed from her artworks).  Also, Alli taps into her intuition, to paint ‘soul portraits’ for her clients.  Her heart in offering this service, is to connect people with the essence of who they truly are and to unlock their greater potential and ignite their dreams.

The name of Alli’s business, Diilhami, means ‘inspired’ in Bahasa (the main language of Indonesia), so it’s the prefect description for what Alli is offering.  She finds great soul-fuel from nature, foreign culture and travel; and in particular the time she’s spent in Bali.  

Alli’s two deepest passions, are inspiring women and artistic practice.  It is from these two soul fires, that she launched into intuitive abstract painting and using the arts to heal. “To inspire others is at the heart of my business; centring around my spiritual journey, creative expression and my life journey wisdom.”

You can see Alli’s work at Bungendore Woodworks Gallery, Blue K1ngdom in Braidwood, Lyneham Post Office and Summer Sensations Café & Berry Gardens in Teesdale, Victoria.

Being part of Sister Tribe has represented a big shift in Alli’s life: “I had been struggling away on my own in my business for four years when I found Global Sisters.  Being part of a vibrant tribe of women who are committed to raising themselves up, being assisted in those ventures AND having a loving, supportive community around them has been incredibly life-changing for me.”