White Nile Women is run by Achol, Athok and Traza, three women who have settled in Canberra after fleeing their home country of South Sudan as refugees. The White Nile is one of the main tributaries to the Nile in Africa and the lifeblood of many African nations. White Nile Women take inspiration from this great river to bring their delicious South Sudanese cuisine to Canberra, providing nourishment and sharing a taste of their culture.

Achol, Athok and Traza first started on the path towards bringing alive their food business dream with Canberrans in 2011, but were confronted by some difficulties. Now in 2017, with a clearer vision and some new business know-how, they are determined to make this dream a reality. They will be bringing their South Sudanese feasts to markets, pop-up restaurants and events around Canberra and presenting locals with the healthy and exotic flavour-packed flavours from their home. They hope their cuisine will be a catalyst for cultural exchange, sparking interest in an engagement with their customers and to spread peacefulness and appreciation of diversity within the community.

Achol, Athok and Traza were introduced to Global Sisters by Companion House in Canberra. They came to us with a clear concept for their business and a great depth of skill in their cooking, but with a need for the business knowledge to grow it into a sustainable and thriving business.  Their dream is for their business to provide an ongoing source of income for them and their families and bring a sense of achievement for them as hard working women.