Meet Rachel

Rachel lives in Wangaratta, on the lands of the Yorta Yorta nation in Regional Victoria. She is the mum of two kids and has worked with children over many years as a counsellor and chaplain in primary schools. Rachel says “My work as a chaplain in primary schools and my own experiences have shown me how important it is for us as adults to empower our kids. My kids and yours need to know what I didn’t about body safety, body worth and that they are wonderfully made”.  

Why Wonder? is a Sexual Education Program for primary aged kids. This is a sexual education program for pre-school to primary school kids. It not only teaches kids the basics of our body parts and reproduction but also the changes every single person goes through in some way or another, called puberty!

At present, Rachel delivers the program herself and needs to re-develop the program content into train the trainer modules for parents and teachers who will deliver the program. 

Sister Pitch Asks: There is a huge gap in sexual education for primary school aged children, particularly in the early and mid primary school years. Rachel is on a mission to ensure every primary school aged child in Australia can access her critically important program, through equipping their parent/ carer or teacher. 

Rachel is seeking help to develop her program content into a saleable item (workbook and accompanying videos) for parents, carers and schools, including workbook production, video production and digital platform.

Rachel is also seeking support with a legal and compliance review of the content and materials.

Finally, Rachel would like to be the go-to expert for media on primary aged kids sex ed, any PR support to begin that journey would be welcomed.

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