Our Purpose

We believe in a world where every woman has the opportunity to create her own economic future. Global Sisters is a not-for-profit that makes business possible for women across Australia. We support the creation of new jobs and increase economic participation. Our purpose is to unlock women’s potential and overcome the barriers stopping her, so she can create her own employment, become financially resilient, stand tall and influence her family and community.

Incredible things happen when you back women. When women are given the confidence, skills, connections and support they so often miss out on, there is no stopping them. They break down barriers, force change and move us all on. They start-up and grow businesses, lift up communities, and make the economy a more equal, inclusive place. 

Global Sisters. Back Her Brilliance.


We’d Love to Hear from You!

If you have any questions or want to lend a hand, contact us at hello@GlobalSisters.org