Hemp Balm – Lavender

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These locally handcrafted balms are made by our Sister Sharon in Melbourne. Experience the secret wonder of these all natural Hemp Balms as you soothe and nourish your skin. Hemp Seed Oil has the same cellular make up as your skin, allowing it to deeply penetrate so it can restore and revitalise your most precious organ. These balms can be used to heal dry skin, cracked cuticles and heels. Starblest Hemp Balms make a wonderful hand cream, lip balm or foot balm. 

Sharon has a vision of helping our Planet Earth and all beings who dwell on her to come to a place of balance, harmony and well being. Sharon promotes the use of the ancient symbol of the Christ Star/Six Pointed Star, to help bring about the highest good of all and Hemp as a wonder crop for helping in so many ways including nourishing our skin and our soil. In the creation of her magical balms, she uses song to bless them and their users

Starblest Hemp Balms
Nourish and restore your skin with this nutrient rich hemp balm. Hemp seed oil has the same cellular make up as the skin, allowing it to deeply penetrate and revitalise your most precious organ. It can nourish dry skin, cracked cuticles and heels and makes a wonderful hand cream, lip and foot balm.

Ideal for: eczema, psoriasis, insect bites, cuts, scrapes, rashes, sunburns, dry and depleted skin.

Ingredients: oils of hemp seed*, castor, sunflower and coconut, beeswax*essential oils of lavender and rose damascena, jojoba oil. *organic

Size: 30g

Your purchase promotes fair trade practices — creating opportunities for our Sisters and women to gain financial independence, supporting safe and empowering working conditions, ensuring the rights of children and respecting cultural identify and diversity. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Your purchase directly helps lift women and their families out of poverty creating a ripple effect that strengthens the economy, breaks unwanted cycles and creates a better world.

Global Sisters seeks to empower marginalized producers and women who are excluded from mainstream employment by providing them safe working conditions, fair pay, and a means to establish a sustainable business free from exploitation.

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