Mizu Woven Earrings – Black

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These unique earrings are hand crafted and woven in Melbourne using a traditional twine from Japan called Washi. Washi comes from the beautiful alpine region in Nagano Japan. The Washi can be transformed into gorgeous shapes and is very durable and strong. This could be your go to staple as it is very light for comfort and can be worn all day.

This is no ordinary earring, it is believed that the sacred knot is used for protection and connection.

  • Handmade
  • Natural materials
  • Gold filled earring hook
  • Made in Australia
  • Supports the financial independence of a local female artisan



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Satomi Shimizu - Tomi Art Sudios
Satomi Shimizu blends a flair for modern design concepts with a deep connection to the aesthetics of the traditional Japanese art and culture of her heritage....

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Customer Reviews

  1. Arrived! They are beautiful, I have received many compliments on these earrings.

  2. I have these earrings in other colours. They are gorgeous and I love wearing them. Light and comfortable and look stunning!

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