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Perfect as an art ornament for your home, a gift to loved ones or a collectable item – The Boat Nut Collection!

The Boab Tree is unique to The Kimberley, having many dreaming stories associated with it. The tree produces a nut, which can only be harvested for a few months after the wet season.

At The Market, we have a collection of six Boab nuts available just for you! The nuts have been carefully collected and carved by our Walmajarri sister, Sandra Nuggett. 

Using her pocket knife, Sandra carves unique images from her observation of the wildlife and landscape that surrounds her, giving you a special and unique experience of Kimberley Aboriginal culture. 

  • Handmade
  • Natural materials
  • Ethically produced
  • Made in Australia
  • Supports the financial independence of two Aboriginal female artisans

Height: 11cm
Width: 7cm

These beautiful Boab nuts are products of nature, and as such they each have their own individual quirks – variations in size and shape, growth marks and the occasional hairline crack are all badges of their wild heritage.

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Meet Our Sister

Sandra Nugget
Sandra Nuggett is a member of the Walmajarri community, traditionally the community based itself in the Great South Desert of northern West Australia. Today the Walmajarri people live in small communities from Mulan in the north, to the Fitzroy River and Bidjadanga in the south Kimberley. Sandra spends most of her time living mostly in Bunuba Country near the Tunnel Creek.

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