This year we are so warmed to offer 4 boxes that are stunning keepsakes on their own, to last for many festive seasons to come! So many items here could form the basis of your own custom box to perfectly match your needs.

  Through your support and encouragement, we want to bring (at least) 500 feelings of joy, wonder, cheer, love, celebration and hope into workplaces, teacher’s desks and lounge rooms across Australia.

Let’s do this together!


Our Signature Artisan Angel with six accompanying Christmas hanging decorations.


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A truly unique gift that can be customised to make it your very own, and enjoyed every year.

FROM $129-

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A collection of decorations in neutral colours + clean lines, including our King Living Star


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The gift that will keep giving for years to come. Our Signature Artisan Angel, made by Shahla.


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When carts close on October 1, many hearts will already be bursting with gratitude.

Then our makers will use YOUR belief in them to bring all of these boxes to life for delivery to you in the first week of December. You will receive a maker story, a thank you, and your gift boxes.

It is all so stunning that you will not be able to help but share with your friends, colleagues, and family!

How does it work?

1. Enjoy perusing the stunning options available in this look book and click through any offer to its page on our shop.

2. Decide on your boxes or if you can’t decide get in touch with our Gifting Concierge (victoria@globalsisters.org) to help you choose or curate a bespoke box that will be perfectly matched to your needs.

3. Place your order online or by contacting victoria@globalsisters.org and know that there are smiles on our team’s and our makers faces to see that order come through.

Are you wanting to create a custom box?


We want to make this a beautiful experience for you, so even though you are welcome to place your order online, Victoria is here to help you decide which box would suit your needs best.  If you are looking to place an order of 50 or more boxes then Victoria can help you curate the contents to create the perfect fit. Contact her at victoria@globalsisters.org.

Victoria Keitel has worked in high end fashion for much of her career and with a knack for creating effortlessly stunning offerings without the fuss, she decided to turn her hand to product curation that has real impact.