Meet Nelsa

Nelsa is 55 from Sydney, living on the land of the Bidjigal people. Childhood trauma and the end of a 32-year marriage led to Nelsa having a breakdown. The only support available was long term therapy and heavy-duty medications. Through her recovery, she reconceptualised trauma and the role of creativity in mental health. She was determined to help other women get on their feet and move through their trauma. She piloted the program with 125 people and won Best Business Idea in Sydney at the CRE8 Conference.

THISISWHOIAM. Nelsa is reconceptualising trauma by taking people through two programs: THISISWHOIAM, which is about restoring identity; and then Designing Exciting Futures. She seeks to restore identity by looking at what’s inside a person and creatively developing those things.

Sister Pitch Asks: Nelsa is seeking introductions to organisations who work with people deciding their future pathways (for example colleges, training institutes, universities) who might consider offering the ‘Restoring Identity’ program to their cohorts. She is also looking for access to an online learning expert to advise on the digital development of her two flagship programs. Finally, she seeks opportunities to speak as a thought leader in the ‘mental fitness’ space, particularly on creativity and its role in mental health.

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