Meet Nathalie

Nathalie is a French migrant living in Sydney, on the land of the Darug and Guringai people. Nathalie is the co-founder of Violet & Gold, a company that produces syrup mixers for cocktails & non-alcoholic drinks showcasing Australian botanicals. Their vision is to bring Australian native botanicals within everyone’s reach. Natalie aims to be financially independent through the business. As a migrant, funding her retirement is challenging as her Australian superannuation balance is low and the retirement money from her birth country will be small due to expatriation.

Violet & Gold. Australian native botanicals have an amazing taste that many people in Australia are not familiar with: they find it hard to come by, difficult to use or may not know how to cook with these ingredients. Violet & Gold creates premium mixers to highlight the wonderful flavours of Australian natives. The alcohol-free mixers can be used in cocktails, mocktails and sparkling water.

Sister Pitch Asks: Nathalie seeks the opportunity to build brand awareness through access to lifestyle, food and entertainment print and digital media. She would also like to promotion Violet & Gold to corporate databases and staff in Q1 2022. Finally, she seeks access to a food scientist to support Violet & Gold to be larger scale wholesale and export ready.

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