Welcome to your Global Sisters’ Momentum Coach Induction!

Step 1: Watch the welcome from our CEO Mandy Richards

step 2: Here’s what we want you to know:

    • About you – our Sisters are in the earliest stage of business – what they need more than anything is a cheerleader and supporter to encourage them and build confidence to take that next step.
    • The Guiding principles for the relationship are in line with what Global Sisters stand for to Make Business Possible simply by Backing Her Brilliance .
    • We will send you an email that introduces and connects you to a Sister.
    • You and the Sister will schedule 7 x approx 1hr coaching sessions based on mutual availability.
    • You will receive emails from us every Sunday that help guide and prompt the Coaching Relationship.
    • We will provide the tools and resources you need, in addition you may also like to draw on your own resources.
    • We provide avenues for you to direct the Sister back to us if the sister is facing significant difficulties including Financial Hardship, Mental Health Issues, specific Business Advisory issues or if the relationship is just not syncing.
    • We will ask for a reflection at the end of the 7 sessions (End of the Quarter).
    • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our Coaching Lead Pakiza Syed (coaching@globalsisters.org).

Step 3: Agree to our Momentum Coach Agreement

Click here to read our Momentum Coach Agreement and then tick below to show that you Understand and Agree to the Momentum Coach Agreement.

I understand & agree*

Step 4: Understand and Agree to our Sister Code

We take our values seriously and are building a community (and movement!) of like-minded business women. Please take a look at our Sister Code below and join us if you feel you are aligned.

Step 5: Help us to make Global Sisters a more diverse and inclusive community. At Global Sisters, we believe in supporting women to “stand tall”. By this we mean:

  • Lifting each other

  • Living with dignity

  • Equality

  • A “level playing field”

  • Valuing diversity

  • Inclusiveness

  • Respect

You can help us by completing our optional and anonymous survey by clicking HERE to help us understand what Diversity and Inclusion mean to you.