Tamarin Howse, from Whangaparaoa, New Zealand, founded The Better Tea Co. in 2020.

When she worked in a stressful corporate banking job, Tamarin and her colleagues would have a cup of tea together, joking that they were ‘anxietea’ sessions. She was later diagnosed with anxiety and created the range of teas to encourage a connective conversation around mental health while using ingredients that target anxiety.

Covid brought with it redundancy and the chance to focus on her business, which grew quickly. Tamarin’s products are stocked in 150 retail stores and The Better Tea Co. will next expand into Australia.

“That’s where the pitch money will be really helpful, getting first orders in and buying stock and marketing,” explains Tamarin. 

30 per cent of her online customers are returning – a figure that she puts down to the benefits of “taking that time for yourself and slowing down, which is important in this fast-paced world.”

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