Founder of Cooking with Koji, Yoko Nakazawa is passionate about Japanese traditional culture and fermentation. With a keen interest in fermentation culture globally, Yoko brings deep expertise in traditional Japanese fermentation and preserving techniques, such as making miso paste, soy sauce, mirin, nukazuke pickling among others.

Yoko’s organic miso is made to a centuries-old family recipe. It has featured in Minamishima restaurant, appeared on Masterchef, and is sold in boutique food stores and farmers markets across Victoria.

Yoko has featured on ABC everyday and The Age sharing her knowledge of Miso.

Yoko also teaches Japanese calligraphy, which she has practised since the age of three. From a beauty and sustainability perspective, Yoko also shares her expertise in Kintsugi – the way of fixing broken ceramic pieces and Furoshiki – the versatile art of cloth wrapping techniques.

Yoko hosts regular Japanese cooking workshops in Malmsbury – Macedon Ranges in Victoria where she shares her familial love of fermented foods both as a cultural activity and also for their ability to enhance and expand the flavour and nutritional value of ingredients.

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