Alies Bol founded Frika Activewear in 2021 and lives in Sydney. Her family is originally from Sudan and moved to Australia when she was 14.

Alies started her African-inspired leisurewear business after finding it difficult to buy clothes featuring the colourful prints of her home country. Self-taught in design and fashion, she learnt all she could at the library after work and eventually launched her own line during COVID.

She is preparing for the launch of her winter collection, and, working with a graphic designer, she is creating a new line of T-shirts.

She works on her business around her job in a warehouse and sells her designs via social media and Global Sisters Marketplace.

“My message to young girls? Don’t give up, believe in what you want. I believed that I could do it and, even though I have faced challenges, I know that I will get there,” she says.


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