Meet Maria

Maria lives on the northern beaches of Sydney on Gayemagal land. With a background as a pharmacist and in the pharma sector, Maria loves science, health and helping people. Together with her business partner Edwina Ling, they founded Xperitos Connect to transform the way healthcare businesses access professional freelancers. 

Xperitos Connect. Xperitos Connect is a matchmaking service enabling healthcare businesses to access freelance professionals.

Pharmaceutical, biotech startup, diagnostic and medtech companies  can engage an experienced freelancer for a day, a week, a month or longer, or create a project team. Xperitos is creating an unbossed freelancer community where people can thrive, feel supported and continue their professional development with like minded colleagues.Through Xperitos Connect freelancer members meet talented colleagues to facilitate ongoing professional growth and share insights regarding the latest industry practices and trends.

Xperitos is building a diverse ecosystem where freelancers can flourish. 

Sister Pitch Asks: Xperitos Connect requires insights and tools to achieve a higher conversion rate of prospective clients to actual clients accessing the freelancer community. Maria is seeking support with an idea generation workshop to gain input from thought leaders on strategies and tactics to accelerate conversion to active clients. 

She is also looking for introductions to relevant target organisations i.e. pharma, biotech start-up, med tech and diagnostic companies. Xperitos Connect is open to meeting all sizes and types of organisations due to the broad skills and capabilities of the Xperitos Connect freelancers. 

Lastly, Maria is seeking introductions to consulting companies that might consider the Xperitos Connect freelancer community for healthcare projects.

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