Global Sisters is about ‘making business possible’ and part of that is making safe, affordable business finance accessible to our Sisters. There is a gap in the market for business loans under $5000 and Global Sisters is filling that gap by providing business loans that have been designed specifically for our Sisters.

We offer a ‘start-up purse’ of up to $1000 at no interest and a ‘growth wallet’ of up to $4000, both with flexible repayment terms. Our business loans are relational and only given to Sisters who have been through our business education programs. They are safe in that capacity to repay and a clear business purpose of the loan that will allow for growth are central to our loan criteria.

Maria Alejandra is a Melbourne based entrepreneur with a ton of hustle! She started her business journey by launching Kelkay jewellery, meaning ‘necklace’ in her native Chilean language. Her love of Spanish language and desire to share it with the Australian community led her to establish La Escuelita de Maria, Spanish Language School for children.

Maria’s businesses were both starting to grow, particularly the Spanish school, and she was unable to keep up with the business opportunities on public transport. She knew she needed a car to travel around to all the Spanish school class locations and deliver her jewellery to stockists.

Maria successfully applied for a Global Sisters ‘growth wallet’ loan to purchase a second-hand car, which has enabled her to not only keep up with existing demand but to develop new business.

The personalised application process, low interest rate and affordable loan repayment structure made a Global Sisters loan an ideal business finance choice for Maria.

When Maria has completed repayments on her first loan she can apply for a subsequent loan with Global Sisters, or alternatively, she can be referred to other sources of business finance that offer higher loan amounts.

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