Meet Lucia

Lucia is the CEO of Highlands Roastery in Papua, Indonesia. 

Highlands Roastery & their goals The Highlands Roastery vision is “best coffee, good farmers and better quality”. Lucia says “We focus on the sustainability of the coffee supply chain including an open market for local farmers. Beside selling products, we also work to improve the quality of coffee production (post harvesting process) in Highland Papua, so local farmers can sell their coffee with good quality. We also create job opportunities for Papuans in surrounding areas. Highland Roastery goals are to access support around business planning, including franchising the cafe, and reaching global markets for the coffee.

Their planning to expand the business via a franchise model and extend into the Australian market. 

How you can help

  • Business planning
  • Financial management coaching support
  • Franchise model
  • Accessing global markets
  • Requirements on running the business in Australia

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