“I always liked art but never tried it. When I came to Australia in 2015, I came across some indigenous artwork and it inspired me to start creating my own art. It eventually led me to Global Sisters, who have changed my perspective of what I think and feel of Australia.

I’m from Sudan and fled to Kenya as a refugee because my people were persecuted. In Kenya I was not a citizen and was living in limbo. I was finally resettled here after more than five years of waiting.

I did an art exhibition and it was successful, although I wasn’t expecting to sell much at all. It was in that moment that I thought I could potentially do more of this. But I didn’t want it to be just me selling my art, I wanted to build my social life in the new place I lived in. I thought running art workshops might be a way to meet people and teach them.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs since arriving. Having refugee status was a huge barrier to finding work. It influenced how people thought about me. The first two years were hard, I really struggled to do anything and keep my head above the water, but I’m slowly feeling better. I have employment, things are falling into place.

The friendship from the Sisters is very uplifting and reassuring, I get a lot of inspiration from them, especially when I see someone do really well. It helps that I don’t have to explain myself, there’s just that understanding. It’s very comforting – I haven’t struggled at all with them, I don’t feel different with them.

I’m still in transition and until I met Global Sisters I did not know that there were such people out there. I can always reach out to them when I need support. It’s helped me feel settled and influenced how I view myself and the world – starting a business and getting it off the ground gave me a lot of confidence. My biggest challenge is finding time to balance Nubia Designs with my job, it’s not yet a profitable business and I’m also a full-time student. For me to be creative, I need space and time to think.

I guess all I strive to do as a person is to educate people and teach them of the different journeys that many people like me go through. Whether or not it’s inspiring or confronting, they’re the ones to decide – but I try my best to inspire.”

Global Sisters is all about making business possible for women who face barriers to mainstream employment due to their circumstances … women who are seeking financial independence. Sister School is a real world business education program that aims to equip women with the practical knowledge, skills and support needed to start a business or grow an early stage business. Click Here to find out more