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All year round, Global Sisters acts and champions for a more equitable and inclusive society.

A society where women are afforded the same right as everyone to own their economic future.

Every day we #BackHerBrilliance by empowering, elevating, funding and advocating for her. For incredible things happen when you back women.

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Every day we #BackHerBrilliance by empowering, elevating, funding and advocating for her.

 For incredible things happen when you back women.

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"Every day is International Women’s Day here at Global Sisters.

But the day is an opportunity to shine the light on inspiring impact stories and hopefully raise awareness and drive action which results in much needed change.”

– Our founder, Mandy Richards

Meet our Sisters and read their amazing stories

Meet Cyana

I left Vietnam to come to Australia when I was 17.

When I was born, the doctor didn’t know I had a twin sister. She was born without enough oxygen and suffered brain damage. We grew up together very differently. I have always had a dream to provide job opportunities to people with disabilities.

I came to Australia by myself. Looking back, it was a bit scary. I always wanted to do something to make an impact, but starting a business was a challenge for me because English is my second language and I had no work experience. The most challenging part was not having a big network.Global Sisters is an opportunity that I wouldn’t have in Vietnam. They provided me with a lot of networking and support, not just emotional support, but also knowledge, skill sets and a huge network that helped improve the business.

Meet Fiona

I’m Wiradjuri and live on my family’s ancestral country in central NSW. My business is Chocolate On Purpose and I handcraft couverture chocolate with Australian native botanicals to create my bushfood chocolate range.

I’ve always been a reinventor. I was working in a bank and was involved in an armed hold-up hostage situation and as a result I developed post traumatic stress disorder. It became a hobby business for us and, as my marriage ended, I still needed regular income. I was knocked out by that robbery, and I couldn’t go back to work in a bank.

I found Global Sisters on social media and it sounded like it represented me. You become a part of the sisterhood. They run courses and have a series of coaching sessions and they put you in front of people you would never have the opportunity to be in front of.

Meet Angie

My business Remedii, is inspired and built from my lived experience of living with an incurable disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Since joining Global Sisters my business progress has escalated rapidly, with support to overcome key hurdles, lessen my fear of failure, access extensive pro bono support from branding agency Jack Morton, and connect with my CEO mentor Russell Parker. This support has been invaluable and will enable my business to succeed and support the development of a cure for people suffering from CRPS.

Meet Yuko

I was born and raised in Japan and after coming to Australia for university, I moved here permanently in 1999. I was trained in PR and advertising, but possibly because I’m not a citizen and I have language and cultural barriers, it was really hard to get a job that I was happy in. 

I’m working in a male-dominated industry, but Global Sisters encourages me to see this as advantageous. They helped my business to be exposed in that light: challenging the man’s world. I guess it’s a bit of a surprise for some of my suppliers in Japan when they learn it is my business and that I make the decisions, not my husband. Dealing with them became easier when I could show them what I’d achieved – they now take me more seriously and know that I mean business.

Meet Ira

I came to Sydney when I started a Master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship in 2018. Before I started Kayu and after I finished my degree, I was trying to look for jobs, but I didn’t have experience in working in Australia, and I didn’t really have connections in Australia. I also finished my degree during Covid, when so many people lost their jobs. It was a big problem for me to find employment so I started my own business.

Global Sisters helped me especially with photoshoots and preparing for my next round of fundraising. I used to run my family business but I didn’t start it from scratch, it was already established and easy, everything I did was successful. But when I started this business by myself, it was the hardest thing ever, I have never been so stressed and under so much pressure. It can be really good and then the next day, no orders at all. It’s a rollercoaster unlike anything I have ever experienced. Global Sisters are always there to help, I can reach everyone there easily and they are just one email or phone call away. 

Meet Catie

I started in the distilling industry in 2016 when I co-founded a rum and gin distillery with a bunch of men. I was the only female in the business and was very proactive in the creation of our gins, but I found myself doing more of the prepping of the botanicals and the recipe side of things

I found Global Sisters through the Marketplace as I wanted to find another sales stream. I didn’t realise there was all this support if you reached out to Global Sisters. It’s a really encouraging place. There are women from all walks of life and at all stages of their businesses and you’re all in it together. It’s nice to know that there are women who are just like you, in their pyjamas, packing orders, while their kids are screaming at them to get them some toast! There’s some solidarity in that.

"Gender inequality is a big issue for women that needs addressing

 It impacts every part of our lives and results in many women living in poverty through no fault of their own.”

– Our founder, Mandy Richards