Meet Irene

Originally from Zimbabwe and recently migrated to Australia, Irene lives in NW Sydney on Bidjigal land of the Eora Nation. Irene’s father taught her about the importance of leaving a legacy and the possibility of having a generational impact. 

With her training and career as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa and Dubai, Irene realised that she didn’t need to wait until she was in her later life to start planning for her own legacy. 

Financial Legacy Evolve is part of Irene’s legacy and her way of helping others to re-write their family story.

Financial Legacy Evolve: Financial Legacy Evolve helps ordinary people, entrepreneurs, business employees and school students to improve their financial wellbeing by equipping and empowering them through financial Literacy.

Financial literacy is the foundation of your relationship with money, and it is a lifelong journey of learning and practicing a variety of skills and habits. The earlier you start, the better off you will be, because financial wisdom is the key to success when it comes to money.

Irene believes everyone should have a financial plan that is driven by financial goals, to achieve a financial legacy which is a pathway to financial freedom for generations to come.

Sister Pitch Asks: Irene seeks access to Department of Education decision makers and/or lobbyists to promote financial literacy in the school curriculum. She is looking for contacts who can open doors to Independent Christian Schools who may consider her program and services.

Irene is also seeking to market test a staff wellness program focused on Financial Literacy with a corporate.

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