Global Sisters In-A-Box Model

How it works

This section outlines how our community Hub model works including a: 1. Model summary 2. Our program roadmap 3. Hub structure and team

Model Canvas

What we do in Hubs

1. Connection with the local business ecosystem
2. Connection & engagement with customers (Sisters)
3. Deliver programs (business education, incubate & accelerate)
4. Track & communicate impact


1. Council
2. Chamber of Commerce
3. Local women’s & business networks/ organisations
4. Local businesses & corporates
5. Start-up hubs, incubators, accelerators & co-working spaces
6. Groups or organisations that support women in our target cohort

Unique Value Proposition

1. Working with women at the earliest stage of business ideation & making business possible when it previously was not an option
2. Offering a one-stop shop, roadmap of long term business support
3. Connected to the local business ecosystem & graduating women to mainstream support.

Sister Relationships

Community and connection are key to our relationship with Sisters.

Target Group Segmentation

  • Women who are excluded from economic participation due to systems/ structural barriers
  • Women who have casualised, unstable employment 
  • Women over 50
  • Women who are sole parents

How are we structured?

The Hubs are a social franchise model that allows for local autonomy, balanced with consistent quality service delivery and brand standards. We have de-centralised our model.

Management Structure
Hub Ambassadors and Advocates are supported by the Global Sisters team and are invited to join a Community of Practice of Hubs for peer learning and networking. Communication channels are established so the Hubs access the necessary support from Global Sisters HQ.


Physical space: “home” for Sister meet ups with access to tech
Program delivery resources (IP), processes, templates and tools, brand & networks
People (team roles): HQ Team
People (contract role): Hub Ambassador (paid by Global Sisters)
People (pro bono): Hub Advocate & volunteer business coaches.

Marketing Channels

A pipeline of new Sisters engage with our programs/ roadmap of support via:

1. Digital marketing (paid FB & Instagram to targeted local groups of women)
2. Local partner referrals
3. Local marketing & PR

Cost Structure

Read more in the Business Model section here


Global Sisters does not charge Sisters for programs as we are funded by corporate, philanthropic and Government. Retaining a free service is key to removing barriers for participation.


Provided by Hub/Community

Provided by Global Sisters

The Global Sisters Roadmap

Our Sisters face intersecting barriers to business and self-employment:

We are committed to providing access to a roadmap of business ideation and development support to women, no matter where they live or what barriers to economic participation they have faced. Our programs are offered both face-to-face and online.

Hub Structure

Global Sisters Hubs are a model that makes our Roadmap of programs & tools available to women in communities around Australia. Over the next five years, we are scaling to 60 communities across Australia.

The ‘Hub Collective’-  a group of people and organisations who champion Global Sisters in their community – provide the local leadership and ownership.

Global Sisters provides the model, resources, and tools to the Hub.

Each Hub will have a locally based Hub Ambassador & Hub Advocate(s). They connect women in your community to our programs, and into the local business ecosystem.

Team Canvas

People & Roles

Common Goals

  • Create income and jobs for women
  • Create new micro and small businesses that contribute to the economic development of the area
  • Contribute to a more equal, inclusive economy.

Shared Values

Aligned values around:

  • Sisterhood
  • Connection
  • Women as Agents of Change
  • Business Done Differently
  • Standing Tall

Read more on our ‘Sister Code’ here


Global Sisters and the Hub will work together to achieve our common goals. We will bring our unique strengths and add value to existing local initiatives rather than replace or replicate them.

How do we communicate

  • Global Sisters In-A-Box platform: The Hub Toolkit and Resource Library is available here for Hubs
  • The Global Sisters Community (closed Facebook group)
  • The Global Sisters LMS and Socialsuite (social impact system)
  • Directly with the relevant Global Sisters HQ team member
  • Meet up

New Hub Set Up Process & Timeline

1 – 3 months

Community member completes “Bring GS to Your Community” form
Information Session with key stakeholders arranged by community with Global Sisters
Community decision to invite Global Sisters in & identification of Hub Ambassador & Hub Advocate

3 – 6 months

Set up phase

1. Induction & training
2. Space/meeting place
3. Ecosystem relationship
4. Marketing & pipeline

Launch event
Annual delivery calendar commences

What does success look like?

A word from Global Sister’s COO, Heather Thomson

Interested in bringing Global Sisters to your community?