Global Sisters In Your Community

Benefits of a Local Hub


Support 120 women each year to start or grow a business.

Connect with business markets

Connect all-female micro-business owners in the area with national and international e-commerce markets via the Marketplace

Increase employment

Increase local employment and job opportunities.

Connect with business coaches

Connect with a national network of Global Sisters corporate coaches and pro bono partners that want to support women’s business. See some examples

What you need to bring Global Sisters to your community

We love enquiries about bringing Global Sisters to YOUR community! Before we start this conversation with you, check out the list below. It covers our criteria and must-haves for Global Sisters coming to a new place.


You invite us in

A great starting point is where the Council invites Global Sisters to help establish a Hub.


There are sufficient interested organisations, groups and individuals, connected to the local business ecosystem and community, who make up an informal collective, committee or group to represent the Hub.

We have aligned values & goals

You align with our values and we have shared goals. Our purpose is to make business possible for women – does this connect with your local area goals of reducing unemployment, creating jobs, and empowering women?

Physical place

You have (or can) identified a physical place for Sisters to meet and connect in with Global Sisters support.

Business ecosystem

The area has a supportive business ecosystem or you are willing to lead its development.

You’re representing a geographically defined area or place

This could be a suburb or LGA in a city, a town in a regional area or a remote community. For example, Benalla in NE Victoria or Logan in Queensland.

The area you’re from has an adequate population size in our target cohort

Typically a Hub will support 120 new Sisters each year. You must be confident that there is enough local demand for our programs. The women in our target cohort within the area need to be sufficient to support at least 120 new Sisters per annum.


You’re able to secure funding.

Hub Ambassador

You’d like to be the Hub Ambassador, or know someone who would be great.

Hub Advocate

You’d like to be the Hub Advocate, or know someone who would be perfect.

Hub Ambassadors

Being a Hub Ambassador is an extraordinary opportunity to bring Global Sisters to your local area. You’ll be the face of Global Sisters in your community, connecting with women who are unemployed and under-employed & want to establish a business, as well as women who have an existing business and want to grow it as their primary source of income. You’ll support these women to become members, or Sisters, connecting them to the support that Global Sisters offers, as well as connecting them to each other and the local business ecosystem.

You will have the flexibility to bring your own local flavour so the Hub meets the needs of women in YOUR community.


Hub Ambassadors are paid contract roles. If you’re thinking about becoming a Hub Ambassador, here’s a checklist of what’s needed in this role:

You’re from the community. You’re either a local resident or live close by.

You’re well known and respected and have lots of people who would be willing to recommend you.

You have time (approximately 1.5 days per week).

You already “give back” and contribute to the socio-economic development of your community.

You’re well connected into the local business ecosystem and understand how things work locally.

You love bringing people together and people naturally gravitate to you/ seek you out for support and advice.

You have run your own business or currently run a business (but still have time for Global Sisters).

You have an income, and the income from this contract role is supplementary. You have an ABN and adequate insurance to be a contractor, or have this through another employer Global Sisters is partnering with.

You are connected to a co-working or other space that could become a “home” or connection place for Sisters.

Hub Advocates

Being a Hub Advocate is an exciting opportunity to advocate for Global Sisters, and women’s economic participation & business creation, in your community. It means you are driven to see socio-economic development in your area, and you have the connections and influence to make that happen.


In this pro bono role, you will need to be:

From the community – you’re either a local resident or live close by.

Well known and respected and have lots of people who would be willing to recommend you.

An enabler – you’re willing to open doors, make introductions and create connections.

You have time (approx 1 day per month).

You already “give back” and contribute to the socio-economic development of your community.

You’re well connected into the local business ecosystem including the council and/ or Chamber of Commerce/ local business networks, have a deep understanding of how things work and can influence change.

You’re willing to chair or lead the Hub Collective (ie the informal group or committee that is bringing Global Sisters to your area).

You’re willing to personally contribute through business coaching for Sisters, recommending coaches to Global Sisters or providing space/ place for Sister’s to meet.

Interested in hosting a Hub?

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Interested in bringing Global Sisters to your community?