Global Sisters In-A-Box

National rollout of THE program that is helping women in communities around Australia to become financially independent through micro and small business

We provide the resources and tools. You provide the local leadership. Together, we make business possible for women in your community.

Global Sisters exists to #BackHerBrilliance. We unlock the potential of women to own their economic future. We do this by making business a genuine possibility, and supporting women to develop their micro or small business through a long-term, three-stage Roadmap: Educate, Incubate and Accelerate. Throughout the Roadmap:

Global Sisters provides

We have a proven model and scalable solution. Global Sisters In-A-Box is a complete package, with all the assets and resources ready to pick up and use, to help women in your local community become self-employed.

Global Sisters In-A-Box is a platform that enables you to bring the Global Sisters model to your community and establish your own local Hub. This platform provides you with online, accessible, support to start and grow your own local Hub, including:

1. all the information you need to decide whether Global Sisters is right for your community
2. an easy application process that kick-starts the conversation
3. all the tools and resources to create your own local community Hub.

Support Women’s Business in Your Local Area Now. Start the Conversation Here.

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Who is Global Sisters In-A-Box for?

The Global Sisters In-A-Box platform is for you if you are an individual, group or organisation that is:

  • passionate about the economic development of your local community 
  • invested in supporting women’s entrepreneurship
  • an advocate of new business creation as a strategy for local job development and community regeneration. 

It’s designed specifically for community leaders (formal or informal) who are interested in bringing Global Sisters to their area. We partner with these leaders, who collectively form a “collaborative ecosystem” of organisations, groups and individuals.

What is Global Sisters In-A-Box?

The Global Sisters In-A-Box is a social franchise approach to scaling our model across Australia. Its a solution that will help many women in many communities across Australia become self-employed. In fact, we plan to support over 40,000 women and create over 17,000 new businesses in the next 5 years.

Each location is called a Hub and has its own “local flavour” and distinct identity. Each Hub is driven by a local community, for their own community. The Hub is supported by Global Sisters with easy, online access to all the resources, tools and assets needed to create a groundswell of women owned businesses in your area.

Guiding principles:

You invite Global Sisters into your community

We establish shared goals and values

You collaborate with or help build the local business support ecosystem

You create a local “home” or space for Sisters to connect, co-work, and learn

You lead a local team that is from that area and is dedicated to seeing that community thrive

Want to invite Global Sisters to your community? Talk to us now.

We want to co-create a thriving community of female founders of new businesses

Create jobs and income for themselves and their families

Create jobs and income for others in the community

Meet local socio-economic needs, create valuable products and services and contribute to the development of a new post COVID economy

Contribute to a more inclusive, equal economy

Interested in bringing Global Sisters to your community?