Get Involved

Sister Circles are exactly as they sound.

They’re a great way to support our Sisters by getting together a circle of friends to look at beautifully handmade products and hear the stories that led to their creation. This is a fantastic opportunity to champion the cause of Global Sisters by promoting the products thatwill help our Sisters to stand tall and achieve financial independence.

Sister Circles are about continuing the tradition of storytelling that women of the past used to pass on legacies and support other women.  Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea, you can host a Sister Circle at your home or at your office and we can provide everything you need to get started including:

  • A showcase set of our most popular products
  • Stories about individual Sisters
  • Information about how to purchase online
  • Forms for ordering offline


Any sold products will help our Sisters to create successful businesses, in turn investing in their family’s future and the future of their communities.

Sister Circles can also help in two other ways:

  • Fund a scholarship: You and your friends have the opportunity to fund a scholarship for specific Sister so she can get the training she needs to help her start and grow her small business.
  • Contributions: Any financial contribution will help Global Sister to bring more sisters on board, expand our retail channels and further invest in education for our Sisters.

Global Sisters is a not-for-profit; any contribution over $2.00 is tax deductible




If you’d like to  host a Sister Circle, please get in touch!