Meet Hope

Hope lives in Tauranga, New Zealand. She is the mother of a child with an intellectual disability and stepmother of a child who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis in 2011. Hope started making desserts to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis and after her step-son died she left paid employment to care for her daughter. Hope is her daughter’s full-time carer and supports other kids with disabilities with cooking classes and outings. 

Two Black Sheep. Hope built up a desserts business from humble beginnings of car-boot and market sales to a nationally successful business. 

Hope decided she wanted to add a dessert table menu to the cakes and fudge she already produced but realised that none of the products catered for allergies. That started a journey of creating plant-based desserts. 

She began to experiment with plant-powered (vegan) fudge in July 2019 and through experimentation, trial and error, she developed the most amazing creamy fudge recipe and process that is completely allergen-free.  While developing these products, Hope used a plant product that includes eight of the essential dietary amino acids, is high in protein and fibre and is completely allergy-free. She hand makes her plant-based milk out of this natural plant product and the versatility of this product has allowed her to work on new products including plant-based milk, infant formula, protein health products and condensed milk that will also be fully allergy-free. The NZ Chamber of Commerce provided scientific and business innovation support and is in the process of securing IP rights for the milk.  

Sister Pitch Asks: Hope is seeking pro bono support for obtaining Intellectual Property Protection and strategic planning support.

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