“I’m one person but I’m made of two different cultures and it’s about combining those and finding a balance. My beauty business, Ayia, is the same. Everything we use is natural and comes from the earth – I’m Ugandan and was born into a culture where we’re so used to that, it’s what we depended on. I don’t have any experience or background in beauty, but I’m driven by wanting and curiosity. How can I really create something that represents us Africans? That’s the issue that I’d really like to tackle – the lack of beauty products for women with dark skin. The name of my skincare brand, Ayia, means ‘from the wild’, but I also want to show how far we’ve come.

I discovered Global Sisters by accident. I’m studying law and theology in Sydney and I came to Australia from Uganda with my family 15 years ago. I want flexibility and to make decisions for myself in my work but English is my second language and that contributes to a fear as I don’t know if I’ll be able to communicate with people.

Global Sisters has made a massive difference. I didn’t know how to start a business and I was using books and YouTube to learn. I didn’t know about how to develop a brand, how to talk to people. They connected me to the right people. When you’re on your own, you need people who have your back, who understand the field better than you

Being around like-minded women who are on the same path as you is so encouraging. It’s empowering, hearing everyone’s stories at Global Sisters. We’re finally being heard, we’re taking our own steps. It’s amazing to see how far we have come and how determined we are to actually just step out there and do what most people think that we can’t do. Being a woman, we are limited in so many ways and being a minority just adds another layer to the limitations.

The Sisters are almost like one voice. Having that team around you and hearing their stories, it does something: you realise that this thing is a lot bigger than you and you make sure that it works out. It stops you from quitting. I doubt I could have done it without them – I am learning about life from these amazing women.”

Global Sisters is all about making business possible for women who face barriers to mainstream employment due to their circumstances … women who are seeking financial independence. Sister School is a real world business education program that aims to equip women with the practical knowledge, skills and support needed to start a business or grow an early stage business. Click Here to find out more