In a world where food intolerances are a part of life for many, a business in regional Victoria that offers alternative and tasty food options is proving a hit.

Founded by Tarnya Brunier, Gourmet You, provides a range of spice mixes and meal bases for those with food intolerances.

The catalyst for the business idea emerged in September 2018 after Tarnya attended a festival where she was unable to buy any food for her children who have food intolerances.

“My kids couldn’t eat one thing. I thought, this is just ridiculous,” she said. 

“So, it was a like a brainwave.’’ 

Transforming her Kialla home into a testing and cooking zone, Tarnya started to experiment and started creating her own seasonings, recipes and baked treats.

 “My children and both of my sisters have a lot of health issues and food intolerances and I was finding it hard to cook for them. In my family alone, I was cooking for vegetarians, Coeliac, lactose and dairy intolerances, soy intolerance as well as FODMAP diets”, said Tarnya.

“Without an intolerance myself, I grew sick of cooking the same bland meat and salad or vegetables for dinner, so I began experimenting and creating my own seasonings, recipes and baked treats.”

Less than 12 months down the track, Tarnya’s business is growing rapidly.

She has attended various business workshops, including a ‘My Big Idea’ in Rutherglen in March 2019 and a Sister School program offered by Global Sisters in Wangaratta in May 2019. Armed with expertise and the help of her sister who played a part in getting the ball rolling, business profits have increased 70 per cent each quarter. 

With a nursing background, Tarnya’s interest in health will continue to be a focus and driver in life and business.

Gourmet You allows her to cater for her own family as well as others who want to lead healthy lives despite their dietary requirements.

‘‘I started making spice mixes just for the family, but whenever I talk to anyone about them they tell me they are struggling too, so the idea continues to grow.’’

Tarnya’s vision is to bring gourmet flavour to people without the boundaries of intolerances.

“Gourmet You can come to you for a cooking demonstration, can be found at markets and our mixes are available for ordering online. We specialise in meal bases and cake mixes for people with food intolerances, as well as those interested in using all natural ingredients in their cooking.“

With momentum continuing to build, Tarnya is planning to build a dedicated shed at her house which she can transform into a spacious working area for her growing business.

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