Meet Ginan

Sydney designer Ginan Tabbouch is a multi-disciplinary designer, telling her story through music, film and fashion. Unisex streetwear is the focus of her namesake brand, GTAB, launched at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in 2018. 

Ginan is passionate about voicing stories of the youth from the western suburbs of Sydney and her debut ‘S8 OUTA BNX’ collection is a commentary on the issues that face them – domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness, racial profiling and racism.

Her brand GTAB empowers others to create significant change in their lives, move past their limitations and into a world where their creativity paves the way to success.

GTAB. Using upcycled materials and fabric sourced from the markets of her mother’s home town in Damascus, GTAB creates streetwear with messages embedded in her lining. Unisex, oversized silhouettes that push the streetwear to haute couture as many of the techniques used are delicately hand sewn. 

Each collection is dropped with a fashion film and a runway soundtrack to accompany the story being told. Ginan wants the viewer to experience a chapter of GTAB through multiple sensory. “The complete story should be felt through all 5 senses, only then can we create a catalyst for change.”

Sister Pitch Asks: Ginan is seeking support to raise visibility of the GTAB brand outside of Western Sydney streets, including through fashion shows and collaboration opportunities. She is also seeking a collaboration with film producers/writers for production of a Western Sydney focused film. Finally, she is seeking a space  (ideally in Western Sydney) to house GTAB which would include a creative office and small production space.

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