Meet Fiona

Fiona is a proud Wiradjuri yinaa (woman) of the Bila Galari (Lachlan River) in central NSW and founder of Chocolate On Purpose. As a woman over 50 and living in regional Australia, her progress in launching and building her business is remarkable.

Chocolate on Purpose is an Aboriginal owned for purpose business. By combining fine Belgian chocolate with the best Indigenous Australian botanicals sourced from Aboriginal communities around Australia, Fiona’s mission is to share the health-giving power of Indigenous botanicals, and the skill of our First Nations People in their traditional use, through the deliciousness and storytelling with chocolate so that Aboriginal peoples are respected for this wisdom and honoured for their culture.

Sister Pitch Asks: Fiona is looking for support to secure the equipment Chocolate on Purpose requires for scaling (automatic tempering machine x 3, automatic moulder x 1 –  total est $150k). She is also hoping to access a food scientist and/or existing research to help her determine any functional benefits from native ingredients in dark chocolate. Finally. support with marketing expertise to develop a detailed customer journey roadmap will help the business convert sales and engage with customers.

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