Colleen McCormack is the thoughtful, creative talent behind MAGKNITUDE. Colleen has big plans for her boutique business which brings the natural, raw sophistication of wool into your home & wardrobe through her stunning hand crafted creations. A life time’s love of knitting combined with a passion for sustainability and a deep caring for our farmers ensure Colleens’ limited edition ranges and custom pieces are all that is beautiful in the world of wool.

I was just back from visiting family overseas when the opportunity to apply for Sister Pitch 2019 came up in Sister Tribe. I had just 48 hours to put in an application!

There was a lot to consider. Currently I don’t have any employees, my business relies entirely on me. I am the founder, the creator, the bookkeeper, the manager- oftentimes the courier and so a chance to take my business to the next level could mean a whole lot more work resting entirely on my shoulders. What would this mean if my business suddenly expanded? What direction would I go from here? How would things turn out? I had so many questions in the silence of my mind. Yet I considered this to be an incredible opportunity and well worth any risks that seemed too daunting to begin with.

And then to my delight, surprise, and almost shock I found my name listed one afternoon as one of the Sisters accepted for an opportunity to pitch in 2019. 

Colleen McCormack – Magknitude.” Here was my chance to live up to my motto, ‘magnificent knitting with attitude. I was determined to honour this opportunity and do my best to take advantage of everything on offer. I decided to also sign up to do a market stall on the night so that those in the audience could gain a better understanding of what products I had to offer and not just hear about them. This meant even more work leading up to the night. 

In the days leading up to the Pitch I wasn’t sure what was making me more nervous, the thought of speaking in front of hundreds of people or preparing enough products to satisfy the discerning eye of a potentially fussy crowd.

Mandy was exceptional at gathering us together over a series of zoom calls and texts and emails to ensure that we had collected our thoughts on paper and rehearsed them by audio or video recording in our own time to perfect our spoken pitch, before we had to speak on the night. 

It was fantastic to meet the other Sisters over the zoom calls, but an absolute highlight to meet these Sisters from far and wide in person at LaunchVic Docklands- and find out so much more about them, their stories, endeavours and passions.

I was nervous as I took centre stage with a microphone in hand shaking. But somehow my voice stayed calm and my story related to the audience clearly enough to convey the message that I had written down in detail, introducing my business and telling of my struggles with medical issues including mental health to this day. 

The feedback that I received via the word cloud projected on the screen at half time was incredibly positive, empathetic and vibrant. It indicated what an amazingly engaged and mature audience was present to hear our stories. I can only describe feeling elated on the night by the time the talk was done, and the pledges of business support came in from left, right and centre that totally exceeded my expectations.

It stands apart as one of the best experiences of my life. It’s a little hard to describe how much goes on the line in terms of vulnerability, risk, courage, and endeavour but the outcome is so very worth the effort. It’s in this process that the business founder is herself discovered, uncovered or in a word – FOUND!

A huge thank you once again to all involved!

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