Meet Fawziyyah

The story of MALINGKAT dates back to Faw’s childhood surrounded by the textures, flavors, sounds, and stories of Muslim Mindanao – of family and friends passing through with tales of their beloved Lupah Sug, a Tausug baluy (mat) for when guests are around, visits to an aunt’s house with her Maranao fabrics and decors, and a fascinating trove of baskets in a native shop in Iligan City. Faw founded MALINGKAT in late 2017. It is a tribute to Faw’s paternal Tausug heritage and the beauty of Mindanao as reflected through its rich and diverse cultural practices and properties.

MALINGKAT & their goals MALINGKAT is a Tausug word that means beautiful; a fitting name for a brand that aims to highlight the beauty of Mindanao, of the Philippines one weave at a time.

Financial: make our products available in an online retail platform outside the Philippines; non-financial: establish a partnership with another tribe in Mindanao (Maguindanao).

How you can help

  • Connections to independent boutiques, artisanal shops and aligned online retailers in Australia 
  • Corporate sales opportunities and procurement
  • Not a designer or product developer- really needs support in what is on trend in the Australian market – create a look book
  • Brand and story-telling
  • Stockists/ supplying other brands/ boutiques
  • Selling on Marketplace

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