Meet Fabiola

Fabiola is a migrant living in Melbourne (Naarm), the Wurundjeri willlan land of Kulin nation

She is the founder and principal mentor at Professional Migrant Women, an organisation created with the aim to reduce the gap between migration and professional employment for women and to maximise the potential and contribution of professional migrant women in Australia. As a professional migrant, Fabiola has lived experience of struggling to get the jobs that she was qualified to do. Lack of extended personal support, professional networks and knowledge about the recruitment process in Australia, made it challenging for Fabiola to break into the job market. As she developed those skills and networks over the years, she is now able to assist others to develop the skills and knowledge that they need to approach the Australian job market with confidence.

Professional Migrant Women provides tailored and culturally appropriate training for professional migrant women to get into the professional job market, progress in their desired career and develop their diverse leadership skills.

Sister Pitch Asks: Professional Migrant Women provides three levels of support to women, based on their career stage. The first level program, supporting migrant women to access meaningful employment is already well developed.  Fabiola and her team would like to partner with 1-2 corporates seeking to improve their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program and run a paid pilot for the Level 2 & 3 programs. The level 2 program is supporting diverse and migrant women in companies around career development and the level 3 program is focused on diverse leadership development for women in companies.  The cost for the Career Development program is $35,000 for 10 participants over 3 months and the Diverse Leadership program is $40,000 for 10 participants. These pilots will provide the business impact case for other companies to access Professional Migrant Women programs. 

Fabiola is also seeking introductions to HR and DEI professionals that employ or serve professional migrant women.

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