Finance Friday 5 Week Series

Starting Friday 3rd February, we will be re-offering the Finance Friday 5-part series. Each week we cover off key content and helpful tools related to the finance theme for the week, conduct a quick ‘Pulse Check’ (a short sharp 9 question feedback opportunity), and pose questions related to the theme to facilitate a group discussion. This is a safe space where we can ask our questions without judgement, share our lived experience, make suggestions as to what might make a difference, and get comfortable looking at and talking about the numbers!

Why is hearing from you so important to us? As we collate all of our findings from all of your inputs (in our Finance Friday discussions and via the Pulse Check surveys) – we are building a clearer picture of what female founders and women led businesses in the start-up and micro small business space need to grow and thrive.

On 8th March 2023, will be holding an online Sisters Symposium where we will share what Sisters (as a group) are saying, gauge your reactions and additional inputs, and provide the plan as to how Global Sisters will take this forward and advocate for the changes you want to see, in the Financial Services Sector.

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Hourly Schedule

Friday 3rd February

From 1.00pm - To 2.00pm
Financial Information & Financial Advice Seeking

Friday 10th February

From 1.00pm - To 2.00pm
Use of Financial Products, Services and Financial Planning Advice

Friday 17th February

From 1.00pm - To 2.00pm
History, Credit Scores and Creative Financing Options

Friday 24th February

From 1.00pm - To 2.00pm
Risk - All things Insurance

Friday 3rd March

From 1.00pm - To 2.00pm
Safety, Security and Financial Wellbeing


Feb 03 2023 - Mar 03 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm