Waste avoidance is a top priority for Emma Avery who founded Cloth Baby to help new parents start using cloth nappies successfully.

Based in North East Victoria, Emma has drawn together the lived experiences of parenthood and a professional background in waste management to build a new and growing business.

“Until they are toilet trained, every baby will go through at least 6,000 nappy changes, enough disposable nappies to fill 17 wheelie bins per child,” explained Emma.

Using cloth nappies has a tremendous positive impact on the earth, both by saving resources needed to create disposable nappies and avoiding plastic pollution.”

Through her business, Emma aims to help parents use modern cloth nappies easily, avoiding waste to landfill and saving parents money by not buying disposable nappies in the first years of their child’s lives.

A mother of two children aged one and four, Emma has trialed and tested many styles of modern cloth nappies.

‘There are endless modern cloth nappy options. As a new mother, I was overwhelmed with information. As well as being confused and in the newborn baby haze, I had many mishaps and wished I had known about correct fit for the shape of my baby, washing before the birth of my baby’.

In mid 2018 Emma (and her six month old son) joined a Sister School offered by Global Sisters to build her business concept. She developed new skills, know-how and confidence to launch her business in early 2019.

Cloth Baby now retails three Australian award winning brands which cover the variety of styles available on the market. Emma also hosts Pop-Up Demos for parents to come see the nappies. These demos have received great feedback as cloth nappies are primarily available online.

‘Parents like the opportunity to see and feel the nappies, plus talk with someone who has done the hard yards and research about the different styles and benefits to find the best fitting nappy for their baby and situation, ” said Emma.

“There is a complexity of designs and brands which suit different sizes and shapes and babies.  Knowing how to best fit, care for, wash and store modern cloth nappies will help make the waste free journey easier for parents.”

Find out more about Cloth Baby on Facebook & Instagram  or visit www.clothbaby.com.au

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