Digital Working Bee 


Global Sisters is needed more than ever right now. Thank you for being a part of our movement to make business possible for all women.

As all Australians are adjusting to the restrictions and economic impacts of COVID-19, our Sisters are overwhelmingly seeing this period as a time to focus on their business, pivot to respond to market needs and set themselves up for the new economy that will emerge from the crisis. The optimism and solutions focused determination we are seeing in our Sisters does not surprise us- the adversity and barriers they have faced in their lives and business journey’s have made them all the more adaptable and resilient in this current crisis.

There is a unique opportunity here to engage your team, with something that creates good during this challenging time. This is one way that you and your team can make a real difference whilst working from home and during the recovery.

Individuals or teams can make a difference remotely and digitally by providing skilled volunteering to our Sisters through helping a sister with a digital working bee to get something delivered in her business that they would otherwise need to outlay as a large expense or spend a large amount of time upskilling and in some cases – the reason that business stops.

By being part of a digital working bee with a Sister, you will be making business possible is a very tangible way. Submit your interest here to get involved:

Thank you for your interest in backing her brilliance. We will be in touch soon!