Meet Czarina

Czar the the CEO and co-founder of Magwai, a personal care product brand that is all about sustainability. In 2016, two ocean-loving colleagues, Czar and Maffy, learned that the sunscreens that are widely available in the Philippines are toxic to corals. They went looking for reef-friendly alternatives but these weren’t easily available locally. This was unfortunate as the Philippines sits at the heart of the Coral Triangle. 

To help protect the coral reefs and ocean life, they then took on the challenge of developing a locally made reef-safe sunscreen. MAGWAI started with Reef-Safe Sunscreen, which aims to reduce the chemical pollution that is harmful to corals. And their search for ocean-friendly alternatives has also led them to develop more products that show some love for marine life instead of causing harm to it such as plastic-free shampoo bars and multi-purpose towels made of recycled plastic bottles.

MAGWAI & their goals The MAGWAI flagship products are reef safe sunscreen and plastic free shampoo bars. MAGWAI’s goal is to disrupt the personal care category and get consumers to move to sustainable brands permanently because of the quality and effectiveness of the products. MAGWAI would like to:

  1. Establish a stronghold in the Philippines market, expanding on current mainstream stockist (Watson’s pharmacy chain) and resort market 
  2. Expand into other markets, where reef protection and sustainability are paramount

How you can help

  • B2B partnerships with Australian resorts and hospitality industry 
  • Connections to expand into the Australian market
  • Local Australian manufacturing partner
  • Retail store and resort partnerships
  • Recycling partnership
  • Finance for Australia production
  • Therapeutic Goods certification

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