There is a popular quote ‘when women support women amazing things happen’, this is a favourite of ours along with with ‘empowered women, empower women’. Our Sister ‘Sharing Circle and Marketta’ is a real life example of both of these coming to life.

The event has been introduced after Sister School as part of our Accelerate Business Education activities as a low-risk and friendly opportunity to speak about their businesses, ask for feedback beyond the Global Sisters community, and make those first sales – an important milestone as those ‘runs on the board’ really build confidence in their businesses, as well as in their ability to bring their business idea to life.

To step into spring our newly welcomed Sisters from Sister School in June, were joined by previous program participants, to create a fun-filled and enthusiastic experience to get that first sale.
With the gorgeous blank canvas space, hosted by our wonderful partner, The Tribal Space, our Sisters infused the space with their friends, family and beautiful market stalls. Great vibes and high energy were a natural result!
This event saw 13 Sisters set up ready to sell, and 25 people from the Sisters networks, and our Global Sisters community – our attendees were a mix of existing businesses coaches, potential business coaches, our corporate and community partners as well as friends, families and other Sisters who chose not to sell on the day. You can find out more about becoming a coach here.
The market as a whole had around $1200 of sales made on the day, which was inspiring to our Sisters who had stalls…“SISTER QUOTE”
Vikki (Lewah Bowtique) speaking enthusiastically with the team from Minter Ellison.
We continue to see the benefit of keeping the SisterTribe moving with momentum, and that consistent action and small wins complements the planning, learning, theory and testing that is necessary, but perhaps not the most joyful, part of starting a business.

Keeping the women supporting each other, whilst waving the flag for themselves, is the magic sauce that continues to prove successful the more we explore this method to support these emerging businesses.

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